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T-duality orbifolds of heterotic Narain compactifications

Publicatie van Kenniscentrum Zorginnovatie
S. Groot Nibbelink, P.K.S. Vaudrevange | Artikel | Publicatiedatum: 06 april 2017
To obtain a unified framework for symmetric and asymmetric heterotic orbifold constructions we provide a systematic study of Narain compactifications orbifolded by finite order T -duality subgroups. We review the generalized vielbein that parametrizes the Narain moduli space (i.e. the metric, the B-field and the Wilson lines) and introduce a convenient basis of generators of the heterotic T -duality group. Using this we generalize the space group description of orbifolds to Narain orbifolds. This yields a unified, crystallographic description of the orbifold twists, shifts as well as Narain moduli. In particular, we derive a character formula that counts the number of unfixed Narain moduli after orbifolding. More-over, we develop new machinery that may ultimately open up the possibility for a full classification of Narain orbifolds. This is done by generalizing the geometrical concepts of and affine classes from the theory of crystallography to the Narain case. Finally, we give a variety of examples illustrating various aspects of Narain orbifolds, including novel T -folds.

Auteur(s) - verbonden aan Hogeschool Rotterdam

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