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I am an International student

Leaving home to study in a different country, starting higher education, the transition from secondary school. Your life has been turned upside down! Far from family and friends, running a household and getting used to the higher education language level: it can be quite a challenge. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences will help you.

Student Welfare advisors offers personal guidance and coaching. We can, for example, link you to a peer-coach. They are hands-on experts who can also help you to feel at home here. We can help with: homesickness, finding your way around higher education, language barriers, and also study-related subjects such as motivation, planning, language and effective study methods. Whatever your question, we will make a plan to help you.



How to deal with procrastinating

Do you ever feel like there is either not enough time or that you're wasting it? Do you putt things off to the very last week/day/minute? Do you frustrate yourself (and potentially others) with your own procrastinating? Join the workshop and learn new perspectives, methods and practical things to try to procrastinate less!

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Exam stress - from unhelpful to helpful thinking

Recognize this: sometimes you get so stressed when studying (for exams) and you think you know you are not going to pass. We call this 'unhelpful thinking'. Those thoughts can cause you a lot of stress and do not help studying.
The key is to turn these thinking patterns into helping thoughts. Want to know more about how this works in your brain and how to change those thoughts for the better? Come join our workshop

Thursday, may 19,  14.30-16.00 uur

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During your stay in The Netherlands and your study, you might be confronted with certain levels of stress. Sometimes due to your study and sometimes due to circumstances you cannot control.

The workshop Mindfulness gives you some tools to handle stress and it can help you to stay more in the here and now.

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Time management

Do you always seem to lack time? Do you get distracted easily? Do you find it difficult to keep up with your planning schedule? Come and join my workshop about time management. Learn what type of time manager you are, how you can plan your work better and most importantly: stick to it.

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Motivate Yourself!

Do you struggle to keep yourself motivated? Come and join this workshop to learn more about how motivation works and get some practical tools to boost your motivation!

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Walk-in weekly planning

Do you struggle making a realistic planning? Struggle no more! Every Friday from 15:00-16:30 at the Postumalaan (PL.02.120) you can walk-in at any time to work on your planning for next week. The peer-coaches and I are there to help you

Vacancy Peer-coach

We are looking for students in their 2nd year or further to function as a peer-coach for other students. Our hands-on peer-coaches are experts who help other students through their own experiences. You have been where they are, so you know what they need.
As a peer-coach you function as a contact for your fellow students. Your job is to guide them and make the most of their study experience. You coach them individually and in small groups. You listen to what they need and by knowing this you can plan a meeting to help them. Think about helping with study skills like planning, providing support when they feel lonely and overwhelmed being new in The Netherlands and studying abroad. Besides developing and organizing these activities you also join an intervision meeting with the student welfare advisor.
We offer you an instructive and challenging job to develop yourself and learn how to coach others. Your contract will be on a 2 hours per week basis. There is an obligatory training (for study credit).
Got you excited? Contact us by sending your C.V. and motivation letter.

If you do not wish to be a peer-coach but you could use one yourself: contact us as well.

Online self-help:

Check out our online self-help modules from Mirro. There are modules about: sadness, anxiety, corona stress, worrying, grief, sleeping problems, work related stress, relationship problems, self-image and alcohol.

Study programme guidance

You study here at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, but you may have some doubts about the study programme you have chosen. You may have even stopped your studies. What now? What was different from what you expected and which study would suit you?

 We are happy to help you in your search for a new study. Read more about study programme guidance.

Electives from student welfare (sign up through Osiris like all electives):

Reducing fear of failure (sign up through student counsellor)

NEW in 2022-2023:
Time management

Studying with a disability?

ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Chronic illness, Depression, Impairments. Click here for more information.

Or contact Paula van Galen

Rotterdam International Student Association (RISA)

For fun activities and getting to know other international students from RUAS join RISA!

Instagram: RISA Rotterdam

Looking for support?

No workshop coming up but desperate for help on one of these subjects? Swing by the office or set a meeting by emailing me.
Need someone to talk to about a different subject like loneliness, other personal problems, problems at home, money or health issues. Please, contact me as well.

Idea box

Do you have a great idea for an activity or workshop for international students? Please let me know by sending an email.


Do you want to know more about studying in the Netherlands?

Please visit Student Welfare Advisors at the Museumpark location (MP.H.00.050).

Your contact person is Linn Sch├Ânherr


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